About Ireland INC

Ireland INC is a forum for Irish and American companies, organisations, and individuals from all industries to impact public policy, expand their business networks, and gain essential access to peers. This is a vitally important platform for Irish and US business leaders to engage, progress and promote the very balanced economic relationship between the US and Ireland.

Expanding globally, Ireland INC last year hosted the fifth annual Ireland Day at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday March 14th 2016. The third Ireland Day London at the London Stock Exchange took place on Tuesday June 9th 2015 and the second Annual Ireland INC Summit took place on Wednesday November 11th 2015 at Dublin Castle. Ireland INC facilitates and enhances business relationships, connections and promotes economic growth through global partnerships.

Our latest event  “The Ireland Day NYSE Leadership Breakfast” will take place on Tuesday, March 13th 2018.

The objective of this high level Leadership Breakfast gathering is to engage US and Irish business interests of the highest calibre and in so doing recognise corporations and individuals who have made significant investments and contributions in the US and Ireland reflecting the mutually beneficial and balanced economic relationship which is so important particularly in our new political environment.

Ireland INC provides unique support for both international and Irish executives and their corporations with a physical and virtual marketplace to commercially engage through established sector specific network groups and bespoke consultancy across a number of areas and on an ongoing and case-by-case/client basis.

Our evolving network groups provide a distinct focus for a range of industries including: financial services, energy, telecoms, technology, food and beverage/FMCG, life sciences, tourism and service.

Ireland INC is continuously forming a range of partnerships with key international networks to allow for access points at the highest level in key markets for our members.

In addition to our event activities, Ireland INC is the source behind a range of international business media activities aimed at building access across key groups throughout the global Irish business community and in partnership with key international business and political groups to create influence for Irish business worldwide.