About Ireland INC

Ireland Day NYSE

Ireland INC amplifies the significant Irish investment across the United States and provides unique C-Suite engagement platforms to Irish corporations invested and/or investing across America. Ireland is now the 9th largest Foreign Direct Investor in the US and Ireland INC works with a range of blue chip global Irish businesses reaffirming Ireland’s position as a critical economic partner to the US and in so doing communicates with Irish business brands collectively and on a bespoke basis.

Ireland INC works in partnership with a range of US private sector networks and government agencies along with Irish counterparts with the objective of maximising the commercial potential of Irish business across America.

Ireland INC has hosted unique platforms for Irish business with a particular focus on New York and Washington DC and in 2019 Ireland INC launched its permanent presence in Washington DC providing full-time representation to Irish businesses under the Ireland INC brand.

Ireland INC will host its annual Ireland Day at the New York Stock Exchange (Monday, March 11th 2019). The Index provides a unique real time source of reference of Irish corporations from the island of Ireland invested and/or investing to the United States.

In addition to our engagement platforms, Ireland INC provides Communications, Corporate and Government Affairs and Engagement Counsel via its consultancy firm – Principal Strategies.

Ireland INC’s evolving network provide a distinct focus for a range of industries including: financial services, manufacturing, energy, technology, food and beverage/FMCG, life sciences, tourism and service.

Ireland INC is continuously forming a range of partnerships with key international networks to allow for access points at the highest level in key markets for our members.

Connect with us today and let us assist your business capitalise on Ireland’s partnership with the United States of America.