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Ireland INC celebrates economic progress at New York Stock Exchange

Pictured at the New York Stock Exchange, Ireland INC, ringing the Opening Bell: Ian Hyland, President, Ireland INC; Congressman Richard Neal, U.S. Representative; Norma Foley, Irish Minister for Education; Joe Kennedy III, Special Envoy to Northern Ireland for Economic Affairs; Lynn Martin, NYSE President; Imelda Hurley, President, Ibec; Mary Buckley, Interim CEO, IDA Ireland; Liam O’Donoghue, Deputy CEO/COO, Ibec; Terence O’Rourke, Chair, Enterprise Ireland; Mike Burke, Partner, Arnall Golden Gregory;  Caitriona Fottrell, President & CEO, The Ireland Funds; Deb Mangone, Vice President & Pfizer Ireland Country Manager, Pfizer Ireland; Helena Nolan, Consul General New York; Ben English, Co-Founder & Executive Director, US-Ireland Partnership for Growth and Tracey Carney, Managing Director, Ireland INC.


Ireland INC, the engagement platform which promotes the interests of Irish business investment across the United States, hosted a leadership breakfast in partnership with the New York Stock Exchange on Monday 13th March, where the strengthening economic landscape across the island of Ireland and the growing footprint of Irish jobs in US senior leadership was celebrated. 

The event took place at the 11th annual Ireland Day at the New York Stock Exchange where business and political leaders gathered to discuss Irish US trade issues. Topics included the continued expansion of Foreign Direct Investment, as well as how to further two-way financing investment between Ireland and the United States and factors to help drive business growth for Irish and US companies. 

They also discussed furthering the collaboration and partnership between business and political stakeholders. Ireland Day, the only recognised Country day at the NYSE, was established as a C-Suite forum to promote Irish business interests globally.  

The New York Stock Exchange welcomed executives and guests of Ireland INC yesterday to celebrate the 11th annual Ireland Day. To honour the occasion, Ian Hyland, President, Ireland INC, was joined by Lynn Martin, NYSE President. Photo Credit: NYSE.


The Roundtable was chaired by Ian Hyland, President of Ireland INC, who was joined by Congressman Richard Neal, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Joe Kennedy, Special Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland along with US and Irish Business & Political Leaders. 

Speaking at the New York Stock Exchange, Ian Hyland, President Ireland INC, said: “Despite the unprecedented challenges of the last few years with Brexit and the global pandemic posing particularly difficult scenarios, Irish businesses have thrived and continue to expand their investment footprint across the United States.”

Participants at Ireland Day also included John Tuttle, Deputy Chair NYSE; Mary Buckley, Interim CEO IDA; Irial Finan, Chair Smurfit Kappa; Imelda Hurley, President Ibec; Minister Norma Foley; Helena Nolan, Consul General to New York; John Jordan, CEO Ornua; Caitriona Fottrell, CEO The Ireland Funds; Michael Spellacy, Atlas Crest PLC along with CEO’s representing some of Ireland’s largest employers across the United States including Primark, Intuition and First Derivatives/KX. 

Partners of Ireland INC include Sia Partners, IDA Ireland, Ibec, Enterprise Ireland, Pfizer, Select USA, Arnall Golden Gregory and Chartered Accountants Ireland.

“It was a real privilege to ring the bell at the NYSE on Ireland Day alongside Minister Foley, Congressman Richie Neal, Joe Kennedy III, and an array of other Irish business leaders. A huge thanks to Ian Hyland and the team at Ireland INC for ensuring that the Irish flag flies high during St. Patrick’s festivities in New York. As an American leading Pfizer in Ireland it’s so pleasing to see that the business, economic, political and social ties between the US and Ireland continue to grow,” said Deb Mangone, Vice President and Country Manager, Pfizer Healthcare Ireland.

“I think of the influence that you’ve demonstrated, the confidence that Ireland has. I’m only one generation removed and I look at it now and I think it’s been a great journey because of people like yourselves, and today you’ve come to the heartbeat of capitalism in the world,” said Congressman Richard Neal.

Pictured (L-R): Congressman Richard Neal; Norma Foley, Minister for Education Ireland; Joe Kennedy, Special Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland and Ian Hyland, President of Ireland INC.

Roundtable discussion on the theme, ‘The Power of Together’.

Roundtable discussion on the theme, ‘The Power of Together’.

Ireland INC Rings The Opening Bell® Photo Credit: NYSE

Ireland INC Rings The Opening Bell® Photo Credit: NYSE

Ireland INC Rings The Opening Bell® Photo Credit: NYSE

Ireland INC

Ireland is now the 9th largest Foreign Direct Investor in the US and Ireland INC works with a range of blue chip global Irish businesses assisting the expansion of their business footprint across the United States.  Ireland INC works in partnership with a range of US private sector networks, along with Irish and US government agencies maximising the commercial potential of Irish business across America which have resulted in the creation of over 200,000 jobs in the US. 

Ireland INC has hosted unique platforms for Irish business with a particular focus on New York and Washington D.C. and, in 2019, hosted its inaugural business delegation led by former Taoiseach Enda Kenny during which Ireland INC announced its permanent presence in Washington D.C. providing full-time representation to Irish businesses under the Ireland INC brand. In February of this year, US Ambassador to Ireland, Claire Cronin, hosted Ireland INC business leaders to progress expansion of Irish Business across the United States.