“We are now facing unprecedented change” – Sarah Clarke, CEO North America, Intuition Publishing Ltd.

Sarah Clarke is CEO North America of Intuition Publishing Ltd.

Note: This piece was originally published in Business & Finance magazine, vol. 59, no. 1, available to read, with compliments, here.

Intuition has been in business for over 35 years originally out of Dublin, Ireland. Our strategy in the US was always to provide a local service and as such our US headquarters is in New York City. Our success last year was down to three elements; an already established strong reputation and client trust in the US, the ability to offer the same local service through digital means and a willingness to find alternative ways to connect, communicate and offer value.

New opportunities

In the past 18 months, we’ve seen a major shift in how we live and work. We are now facing unprecedented change. Stemming from this change we have learned so much about what we need during these times to thrive and handle the many challenges that have come our way. As people, we love to share stories, thoughts, ideas, opinions, wisdom, knowledge. It is how we learn, love and live and it’s how we work. In this new world, we also crave knowledge and wisdom that can keep us ahead of the game even when change is continuous. Put simply, we need the best kind of knowledge and the best kind of connection with others. We have focused on our ability to provide unique insights to our clients and taken a proactive, advisory role in helping them navigate constant change. 

We’ve had to practice resilience in the wake of COVID and ALL the uncertainty the pandemic brought into our lives. There is no mistaking, this has changed us.  We have become more aware of ourselves, our emotional responses, our anxieties, our fears. Most of us find ourselves now more receptive to frameworks to help manage the uncertainty of our future and those around us. As a business we have seen an increase in the instructor led training we offer providing actionable insight into how to deal with uncertainty. In addition to our technical training we are now delivering content on human psychology, high performance, business trends and strategic leadership.

Challenges going forward

The first biggest challenge we now face in the aftermath of the pandemic is the great resignation and with it a need to rapidly upskill ourselves and our workforce.  As such we have focused our business on important technical topics of today from digital transformation, Climate Change and Culture, Data Privacy and Machine Learning to help support the needs of our clients.

The second challenge is the ability to build connections and learn from each other. While there is a huge focus on skill-building as the new currency in the workplace we believe the people you know and connect with are your real commodity. Many companies are now seeing the impact of not having cultivated strong enough relationships with their teams and clients. To this end, we created a community to address this challenge by plugging our clients into a network of people most likely to have faced the challenges they face in their role today.