Company profile: Glanbia

Glanbia plc is a global nutrition company, grounded in nature and science and dedicated to providing better nutrition for every step of life’s journey.

Glanbia has deep roots in the dairy industry and has become the world’s leading producer and marketer of quality performance nutrition products supporting active lifestyles. Its success as a global ingredients provider has been built on Glanbia’s expertise in nutritional solutions supported by significant investment in research and development.

With a market capitalisation of almost €5 billion, more than 6,600 employees and a presence in 32 countries worldwide, Glanbia’s vision is to be one of the world’s top performing nutrition companies, trusted to enrich lives every day.

Glanbia takes pure and clean ingredients including milk, whey and grains, and using expert knowledge and capabilities produces high-quality nutritional ingredients and branded consumer products for customers and consumers worldwide.

Glanbia products are sold or distributed in over 130 countries. Glanbia is also leading the way in global whey protein nutritional solutions with major production facilities located in Ireland, the US, the UK, Germany and China. The company is made up of three segments; Glanbia Performance Nutrition, Glanbia Nutritionals and Joint Ventures & Associates.


Glanbia Performance Nutrition (GPN) is the global leader in the performance nutrition industry. The brand portfolio is comprised of Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Isopure, thinkThin, Nutramino, ABB, Body & Fit and Amazing Grass, each with its own brand essence. Glanbia also recently acquired the Slimfast brand which is an addition to the GPN portfolio and capability. In a growing category of health & wellness and weight management.Glanbia’s mission is to inspire consumers everywhere to achieve their performance and healthy lifestyle goals. Producing the full range of performance nutrition products with broad consumer appeal, Glanbia is the market leader in innovation and new product development.


Glanbia Nutritionals has a portfolio focused on both dairy and non-dairy nutritional solutions. Delivering nutritional and functional ingredient solutions, and precision premixes for use in the nutrition- enhanced mainstream food and beverage markets, infant and clinical nutrition and functional nutrition markets, Glanbia is also the number one global producer and marketer of American-style cheddar cheese.


Glanbia has three strategic Joint Ventures and Associates: Southwest Cheese in the US, Glanbia Cheese in the UK and Glanbia Ireland. These are strategically important partnerships, not only in their own right, but also in terms of the synergies and growth opportunities they bring to the wholly owned Group. Southwest Cheese is a large scale producer of American style cheddar cheese and whey ingredients with a single production facility in Clovis, New Mexico. Glanbia Ireland is Ireland’s leading dairy processer and is a Joint Venture between Glanbia plc and Glanbia Co-operative Society. Glanbia Cheese is the largest producer of mozzarella in Europe and is a Joint Venture with Leprino Foods