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KPMG, partner to the Ireland INC US 250 Index

A few words from Shaun Murphy, Managing Partner, KPMG in Ireland


At a time of increasing geopolitical uncertainty, Ireland delivers a stable, probusiness environment for US businesses seeking a base to service the European market. The access Ireland provides to over 440 million people across the EU is a key attraction for US companies. Meanwhile, the United States has proven a highly significant destination for Irish companies expanding their global footprint and they can be found building businesses the length and breadth of the US.

The high value employment generated by these investment flows sustains households and communities in both countries. More often than not, it is accompanied by additional training and educational opportunities and the multiplier effect is often supported by research and development activity. Smaller businesses in both countries can also take advantage of the linkages with and the purchasing requirements of larger organisations.

We welcome this report as it reflects the tremendous benefits of our transatlantic economic relationship. It will provide policy makers and other stakeholders with valuable insights into the scale and nature of these business linkages and the jobs created in both Ireland and the United States.


KPMG  is a key Partner of the Ireland INC US 250 Index and Ireland Day Leadership Breakfast 2019.