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Magnet Networks, Global Connectivity Partner of Ireland Day NYSE

A few words from Mark Kellett, Magnet Networks Group CEO


The world is getting smaller, and nowhere can that be more easily seen than in the telecommunications industry. The days when it would take hours to route a call to New York might be before my time, but they are still in living memory and the fact that we can now reach the farthest flung parts of the earth in seconds not minutes, from a small box in your hand, could boggle the mind if you think too long and hard about the innovations that have taken place in such a relatively short period of time.

Magnet Networks has ambition – global ambition – and it is a point of pride for the company and for me personally that our ambitions match those of our clients and that through a true partnership we deliver not only on their goals, but our own.

It is this global ambition that drives our move further into the US, to help support and ease the path of our clients into a new global marketplace. While Magnet Networks already has had a presence in the US for some years – we are owned by a US investment firm and have an office in Portland, Oregon — it is by the request and need of our own clients for our assistance in bringing them into this new market that means we’ve amplified our efforts.

The US offers a phenomenal opportunity to Irish companies and we at Magnet Networks are proud to be a part of Ireland INC, a living Index of the Irish companies operating and investing in the US and we are proud to be able to support so many of the Index in their US goals.


Magnet Networks is the Global Connectivity Partner of the Ireland INC US 250 Index and Ireland Day Leadership Breakfast 2019.